To withdraw, go to the Withdraw items page in the Bank, then select one of the bots to see its inventory. Then select the items you want to withdraw and click on Withdraw Item(s). Wait for the trade offer from the bot and accept it. Note that you are limited to 16 items per withdrawal. Here is a video guide showing you everything step-by-step.

The Withdrawal system has a block algorithm that prevents users from depositing skins and immediately withdrawing others. If you are trade blocked, simply play on CSGOPoker and the system will eventually unblock you. You can check the amount of coins you have to play for to be unblocked by going to your profile. Note that the requirement is bigger if you have traded in the past or have not played the 65% value of the total deposits you have made.

Users with long trading histories on CSGOPoker and minimal play actvity will not get unblocked. We do not want users like this on our website. Those who wish to withdraw and stop using our service may request a 25% current balance + 1% one fourth of total coins traded tax on their current balance to be able to withdraw again.

Trading will get you punished, even if you are unblocked. These punishments are coin balance reductions and vary from user to user. Note that if you receive one warning for trading, that does not mean you can continue trading - you will be punished harsher if you continue trading on the website. You can check for a 'Trading (Warning #x)' message in your balance history.

There is also a daily withdraw limit applied to all users. You can request the removal of your 200k withdraw limit on the forums.

If you have traded in the past and now wish to use the website to play without having to spend a lot of coins to get unblocked by the automated system, we have implemented a 'second chance' system for trade users. Upon request in the forums, your withdraw block can be reset to zero. However, note that the staff will require you to pay a tax for this and it will depend on the total amount of coins you have traded on the website.