The fastest way to deposit skins is by using our Bank’s Deposit page. To deposit an item, it must fulfill these requirements:

  • The item’s value must be 0.45 – 200 dollars on the Steam Market;
  • The item cannot be a new one as their prices are unstable;
  • The item cannot be a case, a StatTrak™ knife or a souvenir;
  • The item has to be tradable. You can see if an item is tradable by clicking on it while in your Inventory tab in Steam and checking the tags.

We also hold the right to exclude or downprice specific items. This includes items with unstable prices or items with very few Steam Market listings.

Items worth less than 2850 coins are taxed when deposited:

  • If the value is less than 1000 coins, you receive 90% of the value. 
  • If the value is less than 2850 coins, you receive 95% of the value. 

To deposit, open the Deposit items page in the Bank, then send your inventory data to our service by clicking on Update Inventory. Select the items you wish to deposit and click on Deposit Item(s). One of our bots will eventually send you a trade offer and net you the coins once the trade has been completed. Here is a video guide showing you everything step-by-step.

If you have issues depositing using the Bots after multiple attempts, make sure that:

  • Your trade URL is correct;
  • Your inventory is not outdated - click on Update Inventory before attempting a deposit operation;
  • You have trade eligibility - attempt a trade offer to any of your Steam friends to check if you are not trade banned;
  • You have full mobile authentication that has been active for at least 7 days.

If the steps above do not solve your issues with deposits or if you have no way to get mobile authentication, you can always send manual deposits to a Staff member. Use the Steam Group Discussions for this.

Do not accept trade offers from people pretending to be Staff – we will never send trade offers to you without warning you first!